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Colorado Embroidery Works


Custom embroidered patches vary according to item size and quantity.

Call or email for quotes to droche6533@aol. This email address should also be used to send us art or quick questions. Our USPS mail address is Colorado Embroidery Works 3595 Mt Olive Church Rd Newton, NC 28658  Phone 828-625-2828 or toll free 800-927-2746  Fax 888-222-6902

     We offer custom embroidered patches.  We specialize in motorcycle rider and club patches.  We provide In Memory Of, run, back patches and rockers. We are confident we can meet your needs as we have been making club colors for 25 years.
     We are happy to make small runs as low as one (1) set.  For any patches less than our quantity rates, (25 pieces that are 6" or larger or if under 6" then 50 pieces) we must charge a set up cost.  This is a one time charge and we charge you exactly what the tape cost us to make.  The tape is what tells the embroidery machine what to sew.
    We have many customers that want just one custom back patch. It's expensive to do this because of the one-time tape charge.  However, you then have a patch that is unique to you and it would be doubtfull you would ever see anyone else wearing that same patch.
     If you decide later you need more patches, the tape charge is already paid for so you only pay for the patch itself.  When I do small quantity patch orders, I set the price up front and when you reorder you will always pay the same price.  I do this because many of my customers are small clubs and they don't have an unlimited budget.  This way they can order as needed.  One, two or three at a time and they always know what their cost is.  If they grow, I can upgrade them to the quantity prices, where on 6" or larger patches, the minimum is 25 pcs. The cost for this method is usally much cheaper, as it costs me substantially less to make 25 than just a few.
     Embroidery cost is determined based on the size of the patch, the amount of sewing and the quantity. The quantity breaks on large patches are 25, 50, 100, 300. The greater the number of patches, the less expensive it is per patch.  There is no tape charge for the quantity patches.
     Smaller size patches for the quantity prices, have price differances at 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000 and higher.  I gear my price toward the smaller user, usually the person that wants 300 patches or under.  You may find my prices much better than other companies on the smaller quantity orders and most likely even better on the larger orders.  Most of my busines is geared toward the little guy. We are a small company and find it difficult dealing with the large corporations, as they want credit and have unreasonable demands in many cases.
     We do understand the motorcycle business, and that is to your advantage. We get many customers after they have had a bad experience with a local embroidery shop. Either they will have waited for weeks to get their patches, only to find they are not to their liking or the order was not completed.
     Many embroidery shops do not understand patch making techniques, or the motorcycle world. They say they can do the work, until they start and then realize they are in over their head and will give you any number of excuses why they can't do the job. Or when you get the patches, they are not something you would sew on your vests. Most shops have no concept of what a patch should look like or what the purpose is.  I do many patches for regular embroidery shops.
    In Memory Patches-   We do many In Memory patches. The bulk of our business started out with the Vietnam era biker. In the 80's and 90's they were the largest group of bikers out there.  They have been declining a little, since they are now in their 60's & 70's, but they are still there and strong.  They have seen many of their brothers pass away and Memory patches have been a big part of their patch purchases. When we started doing patches in 1987, memory patches were mostly 4" x 3".  Over the years they have become smaller, due to the old time bikers having no more room on their vests for any additional patches. It's rare now to see patches much larger than 2" x 3", which are my best selling quantity price patches.  When I do small quantities, I make the three line patches 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" because my embroidery font needs the wider space to fit "In Memory Of".  I do many of these at rallies..
     Rally Patches- We attend many motorcycle rallies and bring one embroidery machine and make In Memory Of, name and other "word only" patches at rallies. We do not make any patches with designs on them at rallies since they would have to be digitized.   We also have several patch blanks that we sew the name into that are brokens wings etc.  The broken wing patch is our BEST selling In Memory patch.  We do extremely well and are normally very busy at rallies, since there are very few vendors that make patches while you wait. There have been many who tried, and have given up as they purcased the cheaper table top home embroidery machines, thinking they would get rich. They never realized how expensive and hard work it is to be a vendor at a rally.

● In Memory of patches
2" X 3" 50 Pieces 100 Pieces
Price $2.50 $1.40
Delivery is 4 weeks.  2 weeks rush service is available for a 25% rush charge.
● In Memory Of
3-1/2" X 2-1/2" 1-24 Pieces 24-49 Pieces
Price for 1-Line $10 $8
Price for 2-3-Line $10 $9
One week turnaround. The one line In Memory are our Broken Wing patches.
● Patches
Just words, under 6" Long, under 49 Pieces  
1 Line $5
2-3 Lines $10
4-5 Lines $12
● Rockers
Large Back Rockers 1-4 Pieces 5-49 Pieces
Price $25 $15
One to two week turnaround. In rare cases non-standard type styles may be extra.
● Club Colors
Diameter 9" 10" 11" 12"
Price $18 $21 $24 $27
These prices are for 25 pcs. minimum set up included. We are happy to do less than stated minimum but set up charge may apply.
● Custom hat, shirt and jacket embroidery available.